Some Previews done, some previews to do

by October 16, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

A quick congrats to the Colorado Rockies, who are so hot right now, they would have swept the team that I cheer for anyways. Kaz Matsui, playoff hero. Ah… that was an unexpected development. But I say congratulations to the Rockies, who are scorching hot playing in games in the freezing cold, late at night. See you in a month when the Series begins.
Also should mention my (and Ben‘s) New York Giants for taking advantage of Lang‘s depleted Falcons in Atlanta last night. It wasn’t a fair fight, but hey you play who is on your schedule. For all of this Randy Moss talk, Plaxico might be the most dominant receiver in the NFL right now. There, that’s it for football and baseball talk. Onto basketball.

If you’re scoring at home, the season previews that have been posted so far are:

Boston by Sammy Newman-Beck
Chicago by Russ Bengtson
Cleveland by Ryan Jones
Denver by Cub Buenning (who became a Rockies fan this opening day I believe. Lucky.)
LA Lakers by Marcel Mutoni
Miami Heat – by white hot eboy & Cheryl
Minnesota by Myles Brown
New Jersey by Jake Appleman
New York by Joey from Straight Bangin’
New Orleans by Toney Blare
Phoenix by Holly MacKenzie
Sacramento by Sherman Johnson
Seattle by Emry DowningHall
Toronto by Chris O’Leary
Utah by Matt Caputo
Washington by Vincent Thomas

That’s 16 down, 14 to go. In the words of SLAM Art Director Stephen Goggi’s favorite song “Whoa. We’re half way there.”

Today I will post my own team preview, coming later on. It’s a Western Conference team, and the reason I post it today is because now our Eastern Conference writers have surapassed the West. Get going Western Conference preview writers! I’m looking at you two summer interns!

The 100,000th comment in slamonline history is approaching. I have no way of proving to you that this is true, other than by this little screen cap.

There will be a prize.