Soon, Scott Skiles Could Be Stalking a Sideline Near You

by April 09, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

It appears that despite a rather inglorious end to his tenure as the head coach in Chicago, Scott Skiles remains very much an employable person.

According to the rumor mill, he could back into coaching in the very near future.

Delightfully, there’s a chance that the fiery Skiles could end up coaching the Knicks.

It is unclear if the Knicks are one of the teams that has expressed interest in Skiles. Newly appointed Knicks president Donnie Walsh thinks highly of Skiles, who along with Rick Carlisle and Jeff Van Gundy are among a small group of experienced coaches available. But Skiles and former Knick Mark Jackson have emerged as the top candidates to replace Isiah Thomas once Walsh makes the much-anticipated change.

A disciplinarian like Skiles trying to coach this train-wreck of a team would be beyond hilarious. I’d fully expect him to lose what little is left of his hair in the first two months on the job.

If you’re not particularly excited about this possibility, allow me to point you to this classic exchange when Scott Skiles was coaching the notoriously rebounding-averse Eddy Curry in Chi-town:

Reporter: “Scott, what do you think Eddy can do to improve his rebounding?”

Skiles: “Jump”