Stephen Jackson: In Trouble

by Marcel Mutoni

A Michigan judge has ruled that S-Jax violated terms of his probation when he fired off some shots following a fight outside a strip club on October 6th in Indiana.

Jackson was serving probation for his involvement in The Brawl (he pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault and battery charges in September 2005 for his role in the 2004 throw down in The Palace of Auburn Hills.) In Indiana, he is charged with criminal recklessness, which is a felony.

This could mean jail time for the controversial Jackson, but his lawyer remains optimistic by saying that he believes Judge Julie Nicholson will make a sentencing determination based on the outcome of the Indiana case. Jackson’s trial could start as early as next month.

This raises painfully obvious concerns for the G-State Warriors, who acquired Jackson as part of a multi-player trade recently. You might recall that they terminated the remainder of Spree’s contract after he chocked coach PJ Carlesimo in 1997 during a team practice. The arbitrator eventually reinstated the deal. If Jackson faces jail time, it would not come as a surprise if the Warriors moved to get rid of his contract one way or another.

As for the NBA, they issue a minimum 10-game suspension for those found guilty of committing a violent felony.