Steve Kerr Deletes Tweet Critical of James Harden Travel

by February 02, 2018

Steve Kerr explained away a deleted tweet critical of refs not whistling James Harden for traveling violations as something intended for a private conversation.

“I thought it was a direct message,” Kerr sheepishly told reporters Friday afternoon.

Twitter appears to be the only thing that consistently trips up the defending NBA champs: Kevin Durant had an embarrassing burner account mini-scandal in September.

Kerr didn’t claim that he was hacked; instead he blamed his new phone for the gaffe.

Per FTW:

Once he realized the mistake, he ran quickly to assistant coach Chris DeMarco for help. The tweet stayed up for only a minute or so, so he was pretty hopeful that no on saw.

“I said what do you think am I going to get away with it?” he said. “He said ‘hell no.’”

He was jokingly asked if he was sure he wasn’t hacked and smacked his forehead in response.

“Oh yes, I was,” he said smiling. “That’s right thanks for reminding me.”