Kerr: Draymond Has Photographic Memory Like LeBron 😲

by May 14, 2018
lebron draymond photographic

Part of LeBron James‘ greatness comes from his near-photographic memory on the basketball court.

After the Cavs’ 83-108 blowout loss to Boston on Sunday, Bron gave reporters an instant recall of the beginning of the fourth quarter.

As impressive as LeBron’s memory is, Warriors coach Steve Kerr said it’s not an uncommon trait among great players.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Kerr revealed that Draymond Green has a similar, photographic memory for what happens on the court.

Did LeBron’s memory of the fourth quarter surprise you?

Kerr: “Not for a great player. I think great players remember everything. It’s like a quarterback.”

Your guys do?

Kerr: “Yeah. Not all of them [laughs]. Draymond would be the same way.

“We’ll be watching tape of a game from, we played Houston in December or something, and guys will be like, ‘Oh yeah, I remember that. This is what happened next.’

“So I don’t think it’s that rare. But the best players generally remember the most and have the sharpest memories.”