Steve Kerr Fined $25K for Verbally Abusing Ref

by February 07, 2017

The NBA handed Steve Kerr a $25,000 fine Monday, after he lost it during an expletive-laden tirade against referee Bill Spooner during the Warriors’ overtime loss Saturday night in Sacramento.

Kerr says he deserved the financial hit.

Kerr was booted out of the game, and later apologized to Spooner for his outburst.

Per the AP:

“I knew I was going to get fined. I deserve it,” Kerr said Monday.


Kerr said he had apologized to Spooner through NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Kiki VanDeWeghe and would do so in person the next time Spooner is assigned to work the Warriors.


“I used inappropriate words. I deserved to be fined. I apologized to Bill Spooner through Kiki yesterday. Next time I see him I’ll apologize. It was totally inappropriate and I deserve to be fined,” Kerr said. “It didn’t surprise me how I angry I was but the word choice was very poor.”