Steve Kerr: Kevin Durant ‘Took the Bait’ from Patrick Beverley

Kevin Durant“took the bait” from LA Clippers guard Patrick Beverley in Game 1, according to Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.

Durant and Beverley each received double-technical fouls and were both ejected with 4:41 remaining in Golden State’s 121-104 series opening win.

KD and Bev said they enjoyed the fiery back-and-forth.

Per The AP:

Durant said Beverley has a “different type of grit” coming from Chicago.

“You know what he’s going to bring to the table, just the physicality, mucking up the game a little bit with his physicality, his talking, everything. That’s what he brings to each team he plays on. That’s his identity,” Durant said. “For me, I know that coming into the series. I thought it was fun tonight.”

Like Durant, Beverley said he had fun.

“Pat’s going to talk, and that’s legal,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said.

“We took the bait. He took the bait. That’s two technicals. You get seven technicals. Your seventh one is a suspension in the playoffs,” Kerr said. “He’s got four to play with after one game. That’s what Beverley does. … You cannot take the bait. That’s a bad trade for us. The Clippers have made a lot of good trades this year. That may be their best.”