Steve Kerr: Patrick Beverley ‘Going to Get Whiplash on Some of These Flops’

by April 26, 2019

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr says he’s concerned about Clippers guard Patrick Beverley possibly getting “whiplash on some of these flops.”

Draymond Green drew a tech in Game 5 after he was whistled for a charging foul on Beverley.

Kerr wasn’t in a great mood during his chat with reporters Thursday, with Golden State having to fly back to L.A. for a Game 6 no one could have anticipated.

Per The San Fran Chronicle:

“I thought Draymond was trying to get the crowd going,” Kerr said. “He picked up a foul on the next play and he started clapping. He was trying to get the crowd into it.

“I didn’t think it was a good call (on the charge). You know Beverley is going to flop in the paint, and Draymond turned (into him). It looked like Mike Tyson punched him in the face. Beverley is good at that. His head literally snaps back. I worry he’s going to get whiplash on some of these flops.

“But he’s good at it, and the refs often times are partial to the little guy who is down there. I didn’t like that particular call. I know Draymond didn’t.”

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