Steve Kerr: ‘Strange to See’ Andre Iguodala in Different Uniform

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr remarked that it was “strange to see” Andre Iguodala rocking a different jersey when he returned to The Bay Area as an opponent Monday night for the first time since being traded last summer.

The Golden State faithful and his former team showed Iguodala nothing but love, of course.

The 36-year-old veteran forward played 17 minutes in the Miami Heat’s 113-101 road win.

Per The Mercury News:

In six seasons with the Warriors, Iguodala made possible small-ball lineups with his versatility, helped win three championships and earned Finals MVP in 2015. Last summer, they traded him to the Grizzlies in order to get under the hard cap triggered after the Warriors sign-and-traded for D’Angelo Russell.

“I had a Romo moment,” Iguodala said, nodding to CBS NFL broadcaster Tony Romo, who often guesses teams’ plays before they happen. “I think I sniffed it out before it happened. I’ve been around the game for a while, and you see how things are playing and you see how a domino effect can happen.”

Meanwhile, during a lottery-bound season, the Warriors are feeling his absence. Golden State reached the playoffs in each of Iguodala’s six seasons, and head coach Steve Kerr often references how much they miss the length and basketball IQ that helped start a dynasty.

“It’s strange to see him in another uniform,” Kerr said. “But I think he landed in a great spot.”

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