Steve Nash Says It’s Time to Get Serious

by Marcel Mutoni

Remember when the Phoenix Suns were the greatest team in the world to watch, a conscious-less and free-wheeling bunch of crazies that launched innumerable three-pointers, and threw each other alley-oops seemingly every trip down down the floor? I do. They were such a revolutionary force, effectively turning the League on its head, that they even inspired a great book about their exploits.

Steve Nash, often credited with shaping the Suns in his own care-free image, says those days are over and that it’s time to buckle down.

“That’s forever gone,” Nash said of that 2004-05 season when each game was “this exciting, beautiful gift” to the team and fans. “That’s forever gone. Now we have to be grown men and professionals and not euphoric souls.”

For a team with visions of a title haunting their dreams, this is probably the right approach to take.

The high-flying ’04-’05 Suns were like that hot piece of eye candy you see in the club: Fun to be around and great to look at, but not someone you’d want to bring home for Christmas dinner. The Spurs, meanwhile, have always been that decent-looking girl that won’t wow anyone, but will always take care of business and keep things moving.

I guess Nash and his band mates are finally coming to terms with the fact that it’s time to take off the naughty skirt and pull on a business suit. And not a moment too soon.