Steve Nash’s Top Three Destination Choices for 2010

by December 31, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Phoenix, New York, and Toronto. Those are the three cities Steve Nash could see himself playing in following the now-infamous summer of 2010.

The Arizona Republic got wind of Nash’s choices from an interview the Suns’ point guard did with NBC:

“There’s a few situations out there that would be attractive, so I feel fortunate that there could be some possibilities for me,” Nash said. “One would be for me to stay here in Phoenix. I’ve had a great 4 1/2 years here. New York, obviously, is our off-season home, so we love the city. It’s a basketball mecca. Mike D’Antoni is there so there’s a lot of attractive variables. And then Toronto, to go back to Canada to play for the home team, so to speak.

“I feel good that one of those three could really be a really strong possibility. Like I said, Phoenix would be the natural choice, just because I’ve been here and enjoyed success here and really feel at home here.”

Though Steve hints at Phoenix being the city likely to win his services in a couple of years (when he’ll be 36), it’s worth noting that he likely would’ve never discussed the possibility of playing for another team if the Suns resembled anything like the team he once knew and loved. After all, he hasn’t exactly kept his frustration with management’s decisions over the past couple of seasons secret.

Visions of D’Antoni, Nash and LeBron are now dancing in the minds of Knicks fans everywhere. Let’s give them a minute or two to indulge in the fantasy. They’ve got nothing else to live for.