Steven Adams: ‘I’m Really F—ing Weird. Socially Awkward, At Best.’

by April 23, 2018

Steven Adams fully admits it. The 24-year-old big man is…just weird.

In an interview with ESPN‘s Royce Young, Adams was asked to describe his relationship with superstar point guard Russell Westbrook. His response:

“I don’t look into it too much, it’s just who I am,” Adams says of his relationship with Westbrook. “See, because I’m weird. I’m really f—ing weird. Socially awkward, at best. Just bizarre. [I] say weird stuff all the time. So I don’t look into relationships too much.

“Like, ‘Ah we had this one moment.’ Nothing like that. It’s just, ‘S—, does he like me? This is who I am, go f—yourself if you don’t like me.'”

Adams, who was born in New Zealand, went on to elaborate on his weirdness: “I think that’s what makes me weird is that I am normal. As bizarre as that sounds — like in New Zealand, I’m just as normal as it gets.”

Young tried to uncover specific stories about Adams, but encountered some obstacles:

In asking around the team for Steven Adams stories, two answers almost always came back: (A) There are too many to pick from, or (B) it’s not repeatable.

“There’s a couple good ones,” Thunder shooting guard Andre Roberson says, “but I’d rather not say.”

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