T-Mac Hates His Own Gym

by February 01, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

You know, I’ve heard hundreds (maybe thousands) of excuses from NBA players over the years when asked to explain their shooting woes. Everything from injuries, bad team chemistry, and a general lack of confidence. It’s not often that you hear guys, superstars at that, complain about their own gyms.

That’s exactly what Tracy McGrady is doing, though.

“I really feel a lot of guys are not comfortable playing in this arena,” McGrady told the Houston Chronicle. “It’s not a good shooting arena for whatever reason.

“It’s not just our guys. It’s guys around the league. They hate our arena. Who was the last player to score 40 in our arena?”

Bet you won’t be seeing that quote in the program guide at the Toyota Center anytime soon!

T-Mac might be right, too. Only Allen Iverson has cracked the 30-point mark this season in that arena. Luckily for McGrady, his Rockets are embarking on a three game road trip.