T-Mac Tempers Rocket Excitement With Injury Talk

by September 30, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

With the arrival of Ron Artest, excitement over the local pro hoops team is at a fever pitch in Houston. Some people are even thinking this squad can challenge for a title.

Not so fast, says superstar Tracy McGrady, his body isn’t exactly in mid-season form.

From the Houston Chronicle:

“My knee is about 75, 80 percent right now,” McGrady said. “It took longer than expected. I was expecting to recover 100 percent in four months, but (ellipses) the doctor told me it would be six months or even more.”

“My shoulder had after surgery kept bothering me. I had another MRI and discovered I have arthritis in there so I have to have surgery again on my shoulder. That’s something I have to deal with again this season, but my knee should be ready by opening night.”

Man, talk about a buzz-kill.

The Rockets have yet to play a single minute in the 2008-2009 season, and I’d bet that a large segment of their fans is already depressed. Way to go, T-Mac. It’s all your fault again.