The Cost of Shaking LeBron’s Hand: 4 Hours in Jail

by March 07, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Remember that crazy kid who ran onto the court following LBJ’s masterful performance against the Knicks at MSG two nights ago? Here’s the clip in case you somehow missed it. Well, he was hauled off to jail and spent four hours in a holding cell before his sister bailed him out.

The best part in all this? The guy has no regrets about his little stunt.

“My parents think I’m crazy,” Anthony said, “but even they are happy I got to meet LeBron. It was totally worth it.”

“I only wish I could’ve talked to him more,” he sighed.

The star-struck seventeen year old, who might be facing a lifetime ban from The Garden (which, considering the Knicks’ plight, is not necessarily a bad thing), has clearly never watched the show Oz. Jail is no joke, son.

And maybe he’ll figure it out for himself after his hearing in Manhattan Criminal on April 3rd.