The D.A.Y. of Gilbert’s roundabout revenge on the state of Washington

by March 22, 2007

By Sam Rubenstein

The big event from the games two nights ago other than Gilbert not living up to his summer revenge promise against Nate McMillan – which according to Klosterman’s Gilbert piece was just said to be funny, so I feel stupid for having taken it seriously – is that LeBron had a monster night against the Bobcats but couldn’t finish the game and the Cavs blew a late lead. Here’s the thing… this was happening last season too, and once the playoffs came around, LeBron was getting to the second round. There are certain forces in the world that will make this happen, through no fault or action of LeBron’s. The Cavs really aren’t anything special this year, but there they were on an 8 game winning streak about to make it nine if they didn’t collapse. You can always blame how good their record is on being in the East, but here’s the most bizarre thing, the Cavs have a better record against the West than they do the East. Their first round opponent will most likely be someone out of the power foursome of Orlando, Indy, Jersey, or New York. In other words, LeBron will be in that second round again and then we’ll see from there.

Also, the Bargnani appendix explosion. Eeeesh. It’s twice as bad because he really could be R.O.Y. and he gives the Raptors a little something extra that they need in the playoffs. It’s always shocking when a professional athlete has the same kind of “injury” that could randomly happen to any one of us. Rest up Andrea.

Moving to last night… Gilbert got past the Portland non-revenge by scoring 42 in the state of Washington, hitting the game winning runner, and leaving his jersey at the free throw line in hopes of the fans rioting to get it. Chris Wilcox had 27 and 22 in the loss. The fans did not rush the court for anyone’s jersey. I would like to take this moment in time to point out that I was calling the types of t-shirts that Gil wore under his jersey sports bras long before Cam did at the end of Cuuuurtis. Maybe you did too. It’s pretty obvious. Maybe you’re a man or boy and you’re wearing one right now and I’ve insulted your wardrobe. Sorry. But that is a sports bra. Back to Gil’s revenge. When I think of Nate McMillan, the first thing that pops into my mind is Seattle Supersonics. He was a lifer. Maybe Gil is that way too, and that’s why he did this. So he didn’t score 50. The 42 with a buzzer beater and jersey drop is just as good.

The ESPN game of the night was Dallas at Cleveland, a possible Finals preview. Both teams were on the second night of back to backs, and at times they played like it. LeBron got his numbers, but his shot was off and he didn’t have much help. Dirk and Josh Howard both struggled, but they had plenty of help and would have won this game by a lot more if Bron didn’t take over when it was too little too late. Dirk did hit LeBron with an elbow. Suspension? It is the NBA.

In other games, the Hawks got another big night from Josh Smith, but the latest of the Heat extras to step up and lead them in scoring was Jason Williams with 21 and 8. Chris Bosh began life without Andrea with 34 and 16 – his second monster game against Dwight Howard this season, as T.J. Ford added 16 and 12 in a win over Orlando with Grant Hill scoring 24. Randy Foye scored 24 on 9 of 12 shooting, so KG could just settle back for a casual 17 and 18 night with the T-Wolves getting past the Kings in the battle for that exclusive 11th place in the West. Jason Hart, who plays for the Clippers by the way, got a self-admitted lucky bounce or two on a game winning shot over the Bucks. And so ends the days of Larry Krystkowiak, undefeatable coach. Michael Redd had his fifth straight game of 25+, which could ruin the Bucks return to the lottery. But wait, the “good” news is that their second year frontcourt of Bogut and Villanueva will be out for the rest of the year. Perfect timing too, cause the Bucks are poised to jump Philly, Charlotte, Atlanta, and possibly Seattle and Portland in the race to lose lottery balls. San Antonio took care of business by beating Indy behind 27 and 7 from Duncan. The Celtics and Bobcats played an NBA game and the winner was Charlotte. No let down, impressive for a team with a dead man walking coach.

This entire post was written coffee-free, usually the official steroid of the D.A.Y. And it’s up by 8:45 A.M.