The dumbest day off in sports

Lang and I are back in our respective NY/NJ homes for the day, and Mutoni is doing whatever he does on weekends, but I figured you guys could use a little recap of the day’s Finals news…

Here’s what’s going down as everyone thinks back on a great Game 1 while wondering why there are two days off in Boston, then one day off to fly across the country, then two days off next weekend in L.A., then one day off to fly across the country.

My local paper, the Star-Ledger, checks in with NJ’s own Andrew Bynum.

“Gino?” He’s dead.

The 8,000 hours between Games 1+2 is having the predictably positive effect on Paul Pierce and Kendrick Perkins.

Our man Scoop Jackson, who has been great to catch up with these last few days, did a Pierce feature he was working on before all the heroics.

Phil Jackson: hater or realist?

Kobe continues to insist that the Celtics had little to do with his game one struggles.

That should give you all a nice taste of what’s happening with the Finals. I think Lang is posting something today, too, though it might be tough after I just stole his traditional Links-style post for myself. We will both be back in the building for Game 2…check us out and comment as the action unfolds. I expect another very exciting game.