The Links: S-Jackson, G-Hill and A-Rod

by Lang Whitaker

It was nice to get back on the floor after getting back from France and sweat out all that cheese.” — Brent Barry.

“No, no, hell no. Don’t even go there. Whatever context it is, you’re not. You’re $10 million a year short.” — Isiah Thomas, after a reporter asked Stephon Marbury if he was the Alex Rodriguez of the Knicks.

“It was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced as a basketball player in my career.” — Steve Francis, on playing for Larry Brown.

Dreadlocks. Nah, more like shred locks.” — Paul Pierce, on Michael Olowokandi’s hair last season.

“Anybody who thinks that bear is dead better bring a long broom to poke him with because he’s not dead yet. That’s what my grandfather taught me a long time ago. You don’t go around kicking a bear or a dog unless you’re sure he’s dead.” — Dwane Casey, on KG.

“The fact that you can’t really speak to the ref and the refs don’t want to hear it, that’s almost like communism. That’s like Castro, you know what I’m saying?” — KG, on the new rules.

• Stephen Jackson was charged with a felony and could be facing jail time. And if you missed our recap of the police report, go here.

• While that was going on, Jermaine O’Neal was in court up in Detroit, telling jurors he was ashamed about the Brawl. The guy that JO decked says he’s been suffering from headaches and dizziness. I just hope they ask him why he’d run out on the court.

• Oh, and the Pacers won last night.

• Welcome to Houston, Bonzi! How about a root canal?

• The Knicks are implementing a run-n-gun offense this season, which is nice and all, but the really interesting thing is the bit about how Larry Brown heard the Knicks players talk about wanting to play faster to he intentionally slowed things down.

• Meanwhile, Larry Brown gave a pep talk to the Atlanta Hawks yesterday. Oh great.

• Good news: Grant Hill says he feels so good that he can’t tell a difference between his left ankle and his right ankle.

• Eddie Najera para Presidente?

• Big ups to Michael Lee for shouting us out on the Washington Post’s blog today.

• This is becoming almost comical now: The Pistons players do not want to play zone defense, but Flip Saunders is dead-set on the Pistons playing zone defense. Hilarity ensues.

• Jerry Sloan…old school…blah blah blah…

• Awesome note here in the Arizona Republic from my man Paul Coro…

Before Tuesday’s game, Stoudemire was introduced as No. 32. Not liking that, Stoudemire approached the public-address announcer and told him he was No. 1. Befuddled, the man agreed, apparently thinking he was being a braggart. To get across his point, Stoudemire peeled up his purple pullover to display his new number.

• Some of the Cavs say they took some time off this summer because they were afraid after what happened to Willie Green.

• Doc Rivers trotted out a lineup last night that featured Gerald Green at center. And which Michael Olowokandi was that last night?

• Could this be Robert Horry’s final season?

• The Warriors made Patrick O’Bryant and Anthony Roberson play duck duck goose.

• David Stern sent Rick Brunson a congratulatory email.

• Mark Cuban can’t let go of this whole YouTube/Google thing.

• Finally, our best to the Paul family, as Chris Paul’s very cool father, Charles, recovers from a fall back home. Get well soon, Mr. Paul.