The Main X-Mas Day Matchup: Take a Guess

by August 05, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Give up?

Actually, it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who’ll be playing on one of the League’s marquee nights if you’ve been paying attention to the NBA (and its manic obsession with ratings) over the last few years.

Of course we’re getting the Celtics vs. Lakers on Dec. 25th. Who else could it possibly be?

From the Boston Herald (via Sports Media Watch):

The world-champion Boston Celtics will meet their NBA Finals rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers, at the Staples Center on Christmas Day. Ho, ho, ho.

The 2008 NBA Finals, though not necessarily the most compelling (certainly not after Game Four), were one of the highest rated in League history, so it makes perfect sense that the NBA would offer them up on their showcase night.

Here’s to hoping that Larry and Magic aren’t dusted off for another split-screen promo; I’m still having trouble sleeping from the last one.

(The other X-Mas day matchup is reportedly the Magic vs. Hornets, which should be quite good.)