The Most Iconic Magic Johnson Photos of All-Time 📸

by August 14, 2018

He was the heart of Showtime in the center of Hollywood. NBA Hall of Famer and current Lakers general manager Magic Johnson never shied from the spotlight or the cameras.

To celebrate Magic’s 59th birthday, we take a look back at some of his most iconic photos ever.

Magic cuts down the net after leading Michigan State to the 1979 National Championship. Photo by Rich Clarkson:

Early shoot of a young Magic. Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein (1979): 

Magic x Bird. The two superstars, and the rivalry they built, defined basketball in the 1980s. Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein (1983):

One of the most entertaining passers in NBA history. This photo, taken by Dick Raphael in 1985 at the Boston Garden, displays the flashiness of Magic’s assists:

Magic at the 1985 championship parade. Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein:

A fashion trendsetter. Magic arriving to the arena before the 1988 All-Star Game. Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein:

Magic celebrates at the 1988 championship parade. Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler:

Magic x Isaiah. The two competitors share a moment, captured by Andrew D. Bernstein, before the start of an NBA Finals game in 1989:

Magic is awarded the 1989 MVP award by Commissioner David Stern. He won three over the course of his career. Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein:

Magic x Jordan. This photo, by Andrew D. Bernstein, was snapped during Game 5 of 1991 NBA Finals, when the Bulls closed out the series to win the title:

Magic x Jordan at the 1992 Olympics. Both were stars on the Dream Team, which brought home gold and is widely considered the greatest basketball squad ever assembled. Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein:

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