The Post Up: BIG BABY stole the ball!

By Sam Rubenstein

Hi. Sam here. Holly had some travelling and computer related problems, so there is no Post Up today. Unfortunate, because it was over the weekend when the Celtics and Pistons had their rematch, where Boston proved they can win in Detroit. The surprising star of the game? BIG BABY! It wasn’t the only game over the weekend, there was LeBron’s big fourth quarter, Wade off the bench, the Nets heating up, Iverson with a big game against his old team, the Wizards hanging in there without Gilbert, Chris Paul taking it to Phoenix, etc.

Anyways, here’s a conveniently located place to discuss everything else that happened over the weekend. There’s only two games on the schedule tonight, so tomorrow Holly can do a more thorough weekend recap and get to those games too.