The Post Up: Giving Thanks To Chris Bosh

by November 27, 2008

by Holly MacKenzie

Because you know the rest of the Raptors are.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Americans. May you eat lots and be happy. I wish I was having my mom’s Thanksgiving dinner tonight, even though our holiday was last month. Huge night on the schedule with 14 games. This means league pass made me dizzy and I did not watch them all. I. Could. Not. Do. It. Sorry. Sometimes LP makes it difficult because with all of the options, you end up flipping at the wrong time and missing the best players/runs. I do hate that, but I am not complaining, especially not today.

You know when they talk about moral victories? Tonight was one. For the Warriors, I mean. It may not help them in the win column, but it definitely will help them mentally. One night after getting blown out in Washington, 124-100, the Warriors bounced back to put up 67 points against the Celtics in the first half.

Of course, they ended up losing 119-111 in the end, but it was still an impressive performance. These guys just may be pretty damn good when/if they get Monta back. If the guys they’ve got now aren’t too tired. Really though, they are in pretty much every game until the final minutes. I know that giving up 124 points and 119 points back-to-back isn’t great, but I am proud of them. Very proud.

This guy, Rondo? Amazing. He changed the entire feel of the game on his own. That speed of his is pretty much unstoppable. At one point he drew a charge and as he hopped up, KG got into his face and the energy was just ridiculous. Oh to be Rajon Rondo, playing, learning and living with the Big Special.Three.

So, another game, another huge line. 39 and 11. One, Chris Bosh. This guy is special. With J.O. sitting this one out and his team absolutely needing a victory against the Bobcats, Bosh more than delivered. Shooting 15-20 from the floor and 9-10 from the free throw line, the Bobcats couldn’t do much of anything to stop Bosh as the Raps won 93-86. Joey Graham was freed from the bench and he came up big, scoring 17 points on 6-8 shooting and having the highest +/- of the team at  +10.

After that horrifically rough finish to the game against the Suns last night, the Thunder had to go into Cleveland and face the Cavs. Didn’t really go so well. It was 44-16 at one point in the second quarter and then before I knew it the game was over with Cleveland taking it 117-82. I’m feeling for Oklahoma City right now.

Thunder Thornton, jam-a-rama. These Denver announcers are a little crazy. Melo looks good.

Of course, the Orlando/Philadelphia game was great and it was on ESPN, meaning, I didn’t get it. Rashard Lewis hit a three with 4.7 seconds left to keep the Sixers reeling as they try to find some consistency with Elton Brand on their team. Dwight Howard continues to save my fantasy team.

New Jersey recovered from a tough loss to the Lakers last night by defeating the Kings in overtime 116-114. John Salmons scored 38 points for the Kings in the loss. Vince had 25 points before going down in the fourth with what appeared to be a pulled hamstring. He needed two of his guys to carry him to the bench before going back to the locker room. It was Devin Harris who hit a jumper to win the game for the Nets.

I’m pretty sure I said that Melo would break out of his shooting slump tonight and he did just that, scoring 30 points as the Nuggets needed every one of them to defeat the clippers 106-105.

The Pistons defeated the Knicks last night, 110-96 as they received some big numbers from their bench. Amir Johnson had 12 points and 13 rebounds while Stuckey put in 11 assists and 13 points on the night.

I didn’t catch the Portland/Miami game so I can’t say what went on there, but a 38-point loss to the Blazers by the Heat doesn’t sound right. They shot only 34% in this one while giving up 49% shooting to Portland as Channing Frye had 17 points off of the bench and LaMarcus Aldridge added 16 while Greg Oden had a 10-point, 10-rebound double-double.

Interesting question a friend of mine asked yesterday: If the Lakers go on to win 70+, does Kobe win the MVP if Bron (or Chris Paul, or Wade, etc), is averaging a ridiculous line and the Cavs (etc.), win 50+? Would it go to Bron because his team isn’t as talented and this season Kobe hasn’t had to put up the same numbers meaning he may not be as valuable? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Have a wonderful holiday/weekend/day. Let’s all be thankful regardless of whether we are celebrating today, or not.