The Post Up: ROY Race?

by November 16, 2009

by Holly MacKenzie/@stackmackBrandon Jennings

September 23, 1989 a star was born. Clap for him.

November 14, 2009, the basketball world was introduced to this star as he shot his way into the record books.

Yes, it’s Brandon Jennings Appreciation Monday over here. Did you expect anything less?

Hope you’re still all basking in the glory that is the goodness of this game.

So it’s a couple of days later and I’m still so happy. I don’t need to recap that for you because I know you’ve all seen/heard/read/thought about the ridiculousness of this by now, but of course I’ll do a brief little rundown anyway. With 12 scoreless minutes in the first quarter and 40 minutes played in the game, those 55 points were scored in a silly 28 minute span. Twenty-nine of them coming in the third quarter where I literally lost my mind.

I was laughing and screaming, smiling and then crying. That’s the amazing thing about sports. You can’t predict it. You can’t ever know when a rookie is going to go off and score 55 points in his seventh NBA game. These are the moments when I realize that we are the lucky ones. To love and appreciate this game so much, imagine if  we saw the ticker on ESPN and it didn’t make us feel anything.  How lame would that be? How much would we be missing out on if it was just interesting, rather than ridiculously amazing.

I’m glad we can all agree that loving this game makes everything better.

Even when it hurts. I know Raptors fans were hurting after their team lost their 11th straight in Phoenix after dropping a 101-100 decision last night thanks to Steve Nash getting a layup and the free throw to give the Suns the lead. I was shockingly impressed with the defensive effort the Raptors put forth after their first quarter (and minus the six three-pointers Channing Frye hit).

You’ve seen Ron Artest throwing Trevor Ariza’s show by now, I’m guessing?

I’m convinced that is at least part of the reason why the Rockets won this game. Okay, not really. They won because they are a team and they play like one, regardless of who they’ve got on the floor, on the bench, injured or healthy, the 12 guys representing the Houston Rockets get the whole “playing for the name on the front of the jersey” thing and it’s really, really fun to watch. Career-high for Aaron Brooks with 33, too. If I had to pick a “favorite” team to watch right now, I’m going Milwaukee, Houston and Denver. Love each of these teams and the success they are having.

New Jersey.


I felt so damn badly for them in Miami when Dwyane had to go all superhero flashman and hit that amazing three to give his guys the win at home. It is his house and that’s why it’ll stay his house through 2010 and beyond. I think he’s sticking around. Q. Rich has become one of my favorites to watch this year because his story of reemergence is so great. I’m also really enjoying watching the evolution of Mario Chalmers. Not so great is Jermaine O’Neal missing time with a bruised hip. Hope he’s back asap.

For real, Nets. Get healthy, get your guys back and go get that W.

Don Nelson. Madness. Mayhem. Who is going to stop the mess that is Golden State?

Atlanta stand up. ATL has been fantastic. Quietly taking down their opponents, casually climbing the standings in the East, not so casually taking down the Celtics. It’s been a nice start for the Hawks.

Big win for Indiana against the Celtics, as well. Dahntay Jones is looking like a really nice pickup for the Pacers, and I’m happy I decided to pick him up in my fantasy league.

I feel like there were 80 million things that went on in the L this weekend and my brain is still firmly fixated on Brandon. It feels great to see it all falling into place for him. All of his hard work and dedication is paying off. Silencng his critics and paying off. He’s having fun. How amazing must it be, at 20 years old, to have your name now mentioned among Wilt, Kareem, Earl.

Amazing. Picture-perfect story. Everyone at SLAM knew this was coming though. I was a fan, then saw him in Las Vegas and his court vision floored me. I still can’t stop thinking about that third quarter and I didn’t even mention the Nuggets annihilating the Lakers on Friday night. An eight point third quarter from LA. Did not expect that. Most impressive part for the Nuggets? Leading by two at the half when Melo had been in foul trouble for the first and played just 12 of the first 24 minutes. Arron Afflalo has been solid for them so far this season. JR Smith was great — and controlled– in the game and Melo attacking is so much fun to watch. I really, really like Denver’s team.

I really, really like watching Ty Lawson. Brad Long said it best: Of the 80 point guards the Timberwolves drafted, the one they trade is playing the best. I know you’ve seen Lawson’s dunk from Friday night. How many of you have seen Lawson dunk while at UNC? I certainly can’t recall him ever throwing it down like that.

Speaking of Minnestoa point guards: You see Flynn getting into it with Dirk on Friday night? Crazy. I love that it’s still just November and yet, tempers are flaring, emotions are running high and every game matters. Unless… You play for the Knicks. Yikes.

Two more things: Get well asap, Chris Paul and thoughts and prayers remain with Deron Williams and his family.