The Social Change Fund Partners with Chopra Global to Provide Support for Teachers

by October 28, 2020
Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony

The Social Change Fund foundation founded by Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade is part of an effort to provide educators in America timely and important self-care resources as they navigate they challenges of providing support for students during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Social Change Fund worked in collaboration with Chopra Global to team up with organizations hard at work serving large minority populations, including Teach for America, DonorsChoose and HBCU Heroes.

Teachers have the essential role of helping to shape the minds of the next generation and our future leaders, and given the challenging year we’ve had, this partnership is more important than ever,” Anthony said in a formal press release.

The admirable collaboration is the latest in a long line of efforts that NBA players, led in large part by active veterans like Paul and Anthony, have embarked upon this year.

The organizations will provide teachers with access to self-care and mindfulness resources, including Chopra Global’s Meditation and Well-Being app geared toward enhancing the mental health and reducing the stress of its users.

Equipping our teachers with this tool to assist them in that journey is imperative,” Paul said.