The Struggles of Chris Bosh

by Marcel Mutoni

Spearheaded by Chris Bosh and a mishmash of funky Euros, the Toronto Raptors were one of the better feel-good stories last season. They won their division and came within a botched last-second play of pushing the Nets to a game seven in their first round Playoff series.

This year, the team is off to a bit of a slow start (after yesterday’s home loss to Golden State, Toronto is sitting at .500), and Chris Bosh seems to have forgotten how to play basketball. From the Toronto Star:

“There’s nothing much I can say. Passing, scoring, shooting, it’s just not there for me,” Bosh said.

“I just have to be patient, as hard as that may be.”

The two-time All-Star forward’s numbers are down all across the board, and he knows full well that the Raptors can only go as far as he takes them.

In other Raptors news: It looks like they’re still running the same play all game long, which opponents are easily picking apart. “Hey, let’s see any of you win Coach of the Year while running just one play!”, coach Sam Mitchell did not necessarily add.