The T-Wolves want to lose

By Sam Rubenstein

I just saw a headline on our AP News feed on the right side of the page that reads “Wolves name Hoiberg, Babcock, asst. GMs (AP).”

Um…. uh…

Well, I’m happy for The Mayor. The T-Wolves are doing the right thing. His career as a player ended because of a freak heart condition. He deserved better and his team is handling this with class.
But Rob Babcock? Working for Kevin McHale? ROB BABCOCK!!! Do they have some kind of pent-up vendetta against KG for paying him all that money over the years? Are they trying to get him to go out with 2 playoff series wins to his name? Last year Isiah went after the title of worst GM with the same determination he went after NBA championships in his playing career. I guess McHale realized he can’t compete with that, so he’s calling in reinforcements in the front office battle for tragicomedy of the year. Sure, it’s better that Babcock is an assistant than the guy calling the shots until he proves himself again, but what happens if/when the T-Wolves fire McHale? That’s right, Babcock could be back already and KG would become the new Vince.

Going home.