There are new contests to win!

By Sam Rubenstein

New contests are up.

What’s My Name and Sure Shot. Both involving Portland front court players that went really high in the draft.

Still waiting for Jake’s Celtics-Cavs Game 2 Notes. Jake, short for Jacob, and we’re trying to find those notes like they tried to find Jacob’s cabin last night on LOST.

One amusing (to me) thought on the Celtics… remember the Mike Bibby “They’re just fair-weather fans” quote about the Boston “faithful”? Well, maybe the Celtics players are fair-weather players. Think about it. Paul Pierce has been there forever, but who else that plays a major role on the team has been there for a while? Perk? Most of their impact players just got there, and they only play well with the home crowd giving them a boost. Front-runners! Fair weather!
But it seems to be working out well for them… so far…