There Will Be No Twittering on Scott Skiles’s Watch

by Marcel Mutoni

You hear that, Charlie Villanueva? That’s the sound of your tweeting dreams dying, by the small, yet shockingly strong hands of your coach.

You’re not gonna believe this, but Scott Skiles (and his renowned joie de vivre) has told Charlie V to never use Twitter again during halftime of an NBA game. From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

“We made a point to address Charlie and the team that it’s nothing we ever want to happen again,” Skiles said. “We don’t want to blow it out of proportion, but anything that gives the impression that we are not serious and focused at all times, is not the correct way we want to go about our business.”

Skiles said he chose not to fine Villanueva for using the online service. The Bucks allow players to use cell phones in the locker room before and after games.

“My personal opinion is, it (Twitter) doesn’t have any place in the locker room,” Skiles said. “The locker room is a private place for the players. Once you get out of the locker room or whatever, I’m not into getting into guys’ personal lives.”

Playing the role of the good soldier, Charlie says his twittering days during NBA contests are behind him.

@Scott_Skiles: Learn to relax.