Tim Donaghy: Straight Cash, Homey

by August 23, 2007

by Marcel Mutoni

Let’s see: Don-a-gie publicly shamed the NBA; made David Stern appear helpless in front of the entire world (something I’m still not entirely sure actually happened); and gave the League its biggest black eye ever. So, what does the NBA do to repay him? They’re gonna throw some pension money his way. Of course they are:

The league, however, will be supporting Donaghy financially. Indications are that Donaghy, who spent 13 years in the NBA, will receive a severance package as well as his pension. A source said the pension plan provides for up to $78,000 annually for life, based on seniority.

[… ]

The plan is guaranteed for 10 years, meaning should Donaghy die within the 10 years since he began drawing the pension that his heirs would receive the money.

In all likelihood, he’s still going to jail (which I hear is an unpleasant experience), but at least his bankbook will be looking good. So, he’s got that going for him. Which is nice.

(Via: FanHouse)