To suspend, or not to suspend.

by Marcel Mutoni

Dear Stu Jackson,

On Wednesday you suspended Kobe Bryant (1 game) for hitting Manu Ginobili in the face with a vicious (albeit accidental; grow up, he didn’t mean to hit dude) elbow. No sane person agreed with your decision.

Last night, your League’s biggest star, LeBron James, clotheslined Dwyane Wade and was called for a flagrant foul. Remember, Kobe wasn’t even called for a foul on the Manu incident. I’m sure you remember, but just in case you forgot, here was your explanation of the suspension:

“Some of the determining factors were the fact that there was contact made with Ginobili above the shoulders and the fact that this particular action by Kobe was an unnatural basketball motion. Following a shot, he drove a stiff arm in a backward motion and struck Ginobili in the head,” Jackson said. “We did not view this as an inadvertent action.”

Fair enough.

LeBron hit Wade above the shoulders (on national TV no less), and I’m pretty sure he used an “unnatural basketball motion” to do so. I also wouldn’t quantify his strike to Wade’s throat as “inadvertent”. So, what’s the call, Stu? Are you going to punish the Golden Boy, too?

We patiently await your decision.


Fans of the NBA.