Tony Parker’s Got the Model Game on Smash

by Marcel Mutoni

Disclaimer: There’s absolutely no way to confirm the veracity of the following, and today being a painfully slow news day, we’re just going to run with it. Cool?

A French model by the name of Alexandra Paressant is claiming to have gotten into bed with Tony Parker shortly after his highly publicized wedding to Eva Longoria. Yikes.

(By the way, do you have any idea how difficult it was to find pics of Alexandra Paressant on the web that didn’t show her naughty bits? Uh, why am I complaining again?)

According to Alex, she and Tony were introduced by superstar French soccer player Thierry Henry at the huge July 7 nuptials last summer. They exchanged phone calls for a couple months and then saw each other in Paris at the end of September (while Tony was in town to receive the Legion of Honor) and in San Antonio in October.

Groupies, the publicity stunt game has been taken to the next level. Time to step up your respective games!

The good thing in all of this, I suppose, is that now Marko Jaric and Tony Parker will have something to talk about next time they cross paths.

(Hat Tip: The Big Lead)

Update from Holly: “Just wanted to let you know they have spoken to People Magazine and have each denied any validity to the story.”

(Holly claims that she’s not a People subscriber, but I don’t believe her.)