Too little too late, but A LOT late

By Sam Rubenstein

Before I say anything else, I am eternally grateful that Holly will be writing the nightly recaps this season. The D.A.Y. is dead. Long live the D.A.Y.! We have to come up with a better name for her version of it. The only pure gimmick I’m keeping for myself is the Player of the D.A.Y., which I get to write the day after games were played, in the afternoon sometime, after plenty of time to reflect.

As for last night, the lack of Oden the first game really took the juice out of it. The Spurs are like a movie I’ve already seen, a great movie I might watch again, but you already know what’s going to happen. The most important single fact we learned last night was that yes KOBE is still going to play hard. He has too much pride or heart or ego or whatever not to. But enough of that for now, Holly’s recaps are coming real soon.

Our NBA season previews finish today. The two remaining teams are Milwaukee and Dallas. Neither one played last night. The Bucks preview has already been turned in on amazingly short notice. End of statement. I want to thank all of the writers for doing such a great job. Nothing in this world gives me more professional joy than when people turn things in. Last week Lang wrote a thing mentioning how I’ve taken over his job. Not really. I relate more to a Managing Editor’s job, like Susan Price. And speaking of other people’s work, Mutoni is travelling in the early part of the day, so I suppose I’m on Wire duty. Scratch that Managing Editor thing, if I’m on The Wire, this is who I am. McNulty, get in my office!

Alright, enough fun. Holly’s recaps coming.