Trae Young: ‘I Try to Be Steve Nash More Than Steph [Curry]’

Trae Young says he’s trying to model his game after Steve Nash, much moreso than the player he’s most often compared to: Stephen Curry.

Young says Nash was his favorite player to watch growing up.

The Atlanta Hawks implored their 19-year-old rookie point guard to “keep shooting” after his initial struggles in Summer League.

Per Yahoo Sports:

He has nurtured his skills and shooting in the Curry era, gained around 12 pounds of muscle during the pre-draft process while working with strength and conditioning trainer Travelle Gaines, and yet the most revered player in Young’s mind is another back-to-back MVP.

“I try to be Steve Nash more than Steph,” Young told Yahoo Sports. “I do blend Nash and Steph a lot, but my favorite player growing up was Steve Nash. I get a lot of Steph comparisons, and I agree I do have a few attributes that are similar to Steph. But Steve Nash is a Hall of Famer, though, and Steph will be one day, too. I know I always have to show and prove my passing ability. I have to get better on that aspect, and I definitely work on that a lot.

“I shoot my shots, and sometimes they’re going to go in, sometimes they’re not. I live with that. Everyone on the outside might come down on me, but I put in the reps so I’m confident every time I shoot.

“This Summer League has been a good test for me to stay focused, a good test to make sure that I keep a good mindset. It’s a test and I have to continue to handle it well. I want to be the face of us continuing to grow as a team and rise as a franchise.”