Tyson Chandler Finds Trash Talk from the Brooklyn Nets ‘Foolish’

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

The 2012-13 NBA season is still months away from tipping off, but already, there’s some blood brewing between the two New York teams.

Brooklyn represents the new kids on the block, who are full of arrogance, and aren’t shy about their plans to unseat the Knicks as the city’s top team.

And this does not sit well with Tyson Chandler. At all.

From Newsday:

“Ive heard a little bit, but I think its foolish,” Chandler said before today’s Team USA’s practice at George Washington University. “The Nets are just coming together. I think its pointless for them to talk to us about anything. First, they need to establish themselves.” Chandler said all the hot air emanating from Brooklyn is premature — and unproven. “Its just a lot of talk for nothing,” he said. “Its almost the same thing as us talking mess to the Dream Team. It cant happen right now, so I’ll let all my talking speak for itself the first time we play the Nets.”

Chandler even suggested there’s not even a true rivalry between the two just yet. “They are trying to make a beef or whatever thats not there, to be honest with you,” he said. “Its easy to talk in the summertime, but well see how things go when the season starts.”

The Nets and Knicks will face off a minimum of four times during the regular season, if the chatter in the summer time is any indication, it promises to be a testy affair each time out.

New York hoops fans—a long-suffering bunch—should consider themselves thankful.