Video: Dwyane Wade Goes to Disney World

by Kyle Stack

You might not find a more relaxed man than Dwyane Wade. He just signed a six-year, $107.5 million contract with the only team for which he’s played during his seven-season career, so his financial future is as secure as ever. And he obviously will be co-leading the Miami Heat next year with LeBron James and Chris Bosh, by far the best two teammates he’s had in the NBA. (Yes, better than a just-out-of-his-prime Shaquille O’Neal during the 2005-06 season.)

With all the pressure Wade will endure next season as he, James and Bosh try to live up to the championship expectations they created as part of their pact to play together in South Beach, it might suit Wade to lay low this summer and enjoy the calm before the storm.

That in mind, Wade visited ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex during a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. He played some half-court ball a South Florida AAU girls team competing in the AAU Girl’s Basketball National Championships, took Mickey Mouse off the dribble and spoke afterward about the impact of teaming up with James and Bosh.