Wallpaper: Dennis Rodman Career Timeline

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Dennis Rodman’s had a good 2011. In April, his No. 10 jersey was retired by the Detroit Pistons, he turned 50 in May, and in August, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, delivering a tearful speech while he stood draped in a bedazzled blazer and covered in piercings. As only The Worm could. His personality made him an international sensation, so it comes as no surprise that our friend Dariusz Ejkiewicz over in Poland wanted to immortalize his likeness with a dope desktop wallpaper. Dariusz tells us: “He played so great for so many years that I figured he needed some good artwork to capture all those years. The wallpaper features each one of his NBA chapters, as well as his biggest achievements (championships, rebound titles). The whole concept was to show Dennis just as he was: wild, colorful and interesting. The lettering on the work was inspired by his tattoos.” To check out more of Dariusz’s work, peep his personal portfolio and his web design site, or follow him on Twitter @ejkiewicz_com.