WATCH: Chris Bosh Talks Kevin Durant’s Move to the Warriors

by July 07, 2016

The Miami Heat have had a strange 24 hours–aside from Dwyane Wade’s decision to leave the team. Earlier this morning, Wade appeared on LIVE with Kelly Ripa to talk about his decision to join the Bulls and while the story was breaking last night, Chris Bosh was a guest on HBO’s Any Given Wednesday.

Since the interview was pre-taped, Bosh did not talk about his former teammate’s move, but did give his opinion on Kevin Durant joining Golden State.

“Think about [Durant’s move] from this perspective,” he started, “sometimes being ‘right there’ is what hurts the most. Psychologically it’s like, ‘we finally got healthy, we finally got a stacked team, we finally got up 3-1’ and Golden State pulled it out…It just so happened to be at that time. It just happens.”

Speaking form his experience of being teammates with two of the biggest stars in the world, Bosh also gave insight into what happens when two high-profile players join up and start do decide whose team it is.

“That’s a conversation that [Curry and Durant] as men have to have. The coach, the GM, the president, and the owner of the team can’t come out and say. ‘hey, this is his team.'”