Welcome Back to the Bench, TJ Ford

by Marcel Mutoni

Up here in Canada, we had to wait for the Magic and Raptors to finish up their business last night before the broadcast flipped over to the biggest game of the night, Suns vs Spurs.

TJ Ford was nowhere to be seen during the crucial moments of Game 2, and we’ll see even less of him as the series shifts north of the U.S. border.

Though head coach Sam Mitchell didn’t come out and directly say it, it’s not hard to read between the lines of his comments to reporters following the heart-breaking loss to Orlando.

Head coach Sam Mitchell announced that he will make a change in his starting lineup but refused to identify the change other than to tell a reporter, “You watched the game so use some common sense.”

As the article points out, TJ has brought nothing to the table so far in the series (matter of fact, he’s taken plenty off of it), and I have yet to hear a reasonable explanation as to why he’s been starting over Jose Calderon to begin with.

Toronto played a hell of a fourth quarter last night, and can expect to get some favorable calls in their own gym. No one should be all that surprised if they win Game 3 and turn this into a series.