Welcome to New York, Zach Randolph

by Marcel Mutoni

When the Knicks acquired Z-Bo from Portland, most of us had visions of screaming headlines from the NY tabloids condemning Zach and the infamous Hoop Family.

As it turns out, a classic Randolph incident would be the least of the Knicks’ problems right about now, and as the boos at the Garden rained down lustily on his team last night, Z-Bo quickly found out just how tough life in Gotham can be.

From the NY Post:

“I didn’t like that,” Randolph said. “I ain’t never heard nothing like that. Coming from Portland, I ain’t never heard the fans do something like that. It was surprising.”

Randolph said the crowd’s animosity toward Thomas pained him.

“It’s hard on me because Isiah brought me here, and he’s a good coach,” Randolph said. “We ain’t winning right now, but [the fans need to understand] it’s early in the season and I’m new. We just have to work it out.”

Obviously you have to feel bad for Zach Randolph, who has been nothing but a model citizen since arriving in town, but then again, what else did he expect? This is New York and these are the Knicks.