Welcome to Phoenix, Shaq

by February 06, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

I still haven’t wrapped my head around this trade. In an increasingly bizarre sports year (Kobe loves his team; Eli Manning is a Superbowl champ!), this might be the craziest thing yet. Very soon, we’ll find out if Steve Kerr is a genius or a bumbling fool. I’m leaning towards the latter.

Shaq passed his physical, and he is now a Phoenix Sun. Yipes.

So much for 7 Seconds or Less and everything the Suns have stood for since D’Antoni and Nash rode into town. I can’t even recall the last time a contender was forced to switch styles and philosophies so drastically in the middle of the season.

Shaq reportedly told Steve Nash that he will not let him down when they spoke over the phone this morning. Steve, I can only imagine, didn’t have the heart to tell the big fella that he didn’t believe him.

Tonight, my eyes will be glued to the Hornets @ Suns game. Enjoy this one, Suns fans. It could very well be the last time you see your team, in the way you’ve come to know (and love) them.