What We Have Here … Is a Failure to Communicate

by December 01, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

It’s no secret that JR Smith and his coach, George Karl, have had their share of clashes over the years. What is less known, up until this point anyway, is how little the two communicate.

Apparently, the two don’t so much as say hello to one another.

From the Rocky Mountain News:

“J.R. is a good-bad player, and we’re trying to take the bad out and magnify the good,” Karl said. “For me, there’s, as the game goes on, there’s a lot of ways I can try to win them. And consistency, defense and a positive, good attitude would keep him on the court. But I don’t think he gives us always those three every night we play. Some nights I’ll tolerate his bad and some nights I’m probably going to go someplace else.”

“We never talk,” Smith said. “I wish (the two could). You never want to not even talk to your coach. It’s been like that since I got here… (Karl) and I have been (battling) for a couple of years, but hopefully we’ll kiss and make up soon.”

Despite the lack of communication with his head coach, Smith is actually enjoying more playing time this season than he’s ever had as a member of the Denver Nuggets. And though his scoring has seen a slight dip, rebounding and assists are up.

Talking is overrated, anyway.