What’s Wrong With the Wizards?

by November 10, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Well, for starters, the team is off to a hideous 0-5 start, and their best player is keeping himself occupied by getting new body ink. For the guys who are actually playing, though, things are a bit more worrisome.

Take emotional leader Antawn Jamison, for instance, who urges his teammates to snap out of their blasé funk before it’s too late to salvage the season. Following a 25-point beatdown from the Magic this Saturday, Jamison tore into his team and questioned their desire. Fun.

From the Washington Post:

“The makeup of the locker room, the environment of the locker room needs to change,” Jamison said. “I’m not saying that it’s almost like acceptable, but guys are not upset. Guys are not hurting. This is your job. It’s all about representing what’s on your chest and doing it the right way. When you don’t do your job and don’t represent the right way, it should hurt.”

Of course, the hole they’re in hasn’t just been created by just a lack of caring. Injuries have decimated the squad, and it’s starting to look as though it’ll take a Herculian effort to dig themselves out.

The Wiz have consistently been one of the more popular squads (at least among Internet folk) over the last few years, a team that managed to successfully blend off-court humor with success on the floor. Staring down a potential trip back to lottery-land, no one is laughing much these days.