Why Ron Artest needs to be traded to Los Angeles

By Sam Rubenstein

So the rumor has been floating around of a Ron Ron to the Clippers trade. This needs to happen, and I’ll tell you why. Ron Artest is an artist that needs to be located in a media hot spot so his music can get out there. He’s also completely out of his mind. In other words, he’d feel right at home in L.A.

I’m the guy that gave his album a rave review while everyone else cracked their snarky little jokes about how it didn’t sell. Most people probably heard a few singles or dismissed the album all together. Here is the hidden gem. I told the world about this, but it did not hear me. Brief background info: I love skits on rap albums. Most people skip past them or call them filler and a waste of time. I love them. Whether it’s Freeky Zeeky on the jail phone or Pakinamacindabackofdaac, I appreciate a classic interlude when I hear it. Now, here is Ron Ron hosting a United Nations conference. Kool Keith-esque. This thing came up randomly on my ipod when I was at the gym last night and I almost fell off the treadmill from laughing/excitement. Have a listen, then go buy the album: