Win or Lose, Gregg Popovich Is Angry

by March 06, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

You know, for a guy with nearly a handful of rings, and the respect and admiration of everyone associated with the game of basketball, Gregg Popovich often comes off as one ornery and miserable SOB.

Check out what happened following the Spurs/Nets game two nights ago, and keep in mind that San Antonio won it with relative ease:

By the time Popovich was finished, even his players couldn’t remember if they had just beaten the Nets, or if the Nets had beaten them.

“The way he was screaming,” Tony Parker said, “it was like we lost the game.”

Popovich didn’t like his team’s focus, didn’t like its attention to detail, didn’t like its offense and really didn’t like its defense.

Yikes. This is precisely why no matter what everyone else in the League has done to improve their teams, the Spurs are still the title favorites.

Pop is, um, an intense human being. I can’t even begin to imagine what he’s like the odd time San Antonio mails one in and loses to a sub .500 team. Whatever the case, I hope it involves Bruce Bowen getting hit with something.