With Eddy Curry Around, No Medicine Ball Is Safe

by Marcel Mutoni

Over the years, Eddy Curry fat jokes have become incredibly boring and overdone. But the man makes it impossible for us to avoid them; at times, the jokes write themselves and quite literally come to life on their own.

Curry was at practice yesterday, doing some light stretching (ha!) on a medicine ball when the unthinkable hilarious happened. From the Daily News:

Poor Eddy Curry. He sat on the giant blue physio-ball during a break from Monday’s practice and the ball exploded. Eddy fell and scraped and his wrist but should be okay.

The ball, which is used for stretching exercises, was pronounced dead at the scene

That has to be a first of some kind.

To compound Eddy’s problems, it appears as though he won’t be part of the starting rotation for the Knicks come Opening Night.