Kelly Oubre Not Surprised By ‘F–k You’ Chants in Boston

by May 11, 2017

Kelly Oubre knew it was coming.

Hell, he seemed to invite the abuse from Celtics fans, and they delivered in Game 5 Wednesday night.

Beantown fans hurled “f–k you, Oubre!” chants at the second-year Wizards forward in a critical 123-101 win for the C’s.

Oubre’s teammates offered support, and brushed off the invective.

Per Mass Live:

“It’s Boston, man,” forward Markieff Morris said after his Wizards were routed, 123-101, by the Celtics in Game 5. “You’ve got to be prepared for anything. That’s how I look at it.”


As the Celtics piled it on the Wizards, turning countless missed layups into easy fastbreak points, the chant of “F— You, Oubre!” was clearly audible throughout the arena.


“It is what it is, man,” said Wizards shooting guard Bradley Beal. “It is what it is. They’re trying to make it bigger than what it needs to be. We’re playing basketball here. They’re going to protect (Kelly) Olynyk here. We’re going to protect Oubre on our team. When he comes to D.C., Friday’s going to be the same thing. We booed him. It’s just part of the game. We don’t pay attention to that.”


“They’re going to do what they’re going to do,” Wizards point guard John Wall said following the loss. “I think Kelly did a great job of handling it. He didn’t let it bother him. He kept playing basketball. We told him what to expect from the crowd. We didn’t think those types of words, but all we’ve got to do is play basketball. We’re his brothers. We stick behind him.”

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