Worthy of Your Attention

by Marcel Mutoni

It’s Friday!

I’m tired and the liquor cabinet isn’t going to raid itself, so let’s go through the weekend’s games quickly…

Hawks @ Raptors: Al Horford will endure the Raptor faithful’s bloodlust tonight, and he says he’s ready for it. We’ll see.

(I remember watching Vince Carter receive the treatment in Toronto last season, and I’ve never seen anyone so unmoved by an opposing crowd’s seething hatred. It’s as if he was in his own little world while everyone else in the building was losing their minds. So, I guess his general nonchalance is good for something.)

Knicks @ Heat: How great would it be if only the players, coaches, media and arena employees showed up for this one? Don’t bet against it.

NFL Playoffs: I’m somewhat fascinated with watching old people play (and succeed at) sports, so I guess I’m pulling for Brett Favre to drag his team into the Superbowl.

However, the Giants are a nice enough story and earlier this week I stumbled upon a glorious rumor about one of their star players. Said rumor (link is not exactly safe for work, so click cautiously) made me change my allegiance for this weekend’s NFC Championship game. I’m easily swayed.