Worthy of Your Attention

by April 23, 2008

by Marcel Mutoni

Quick look at the trio of pivotal Game Two’s on tap for tonight…

Philly @ Detroit: Chauncey Billups says that the Pistons aren’t facing a must-win situation tonight. Though this would normally be viewed as blind optimism at best – douchetastic egotism at worst – in most cases, Chauncey is absolutely right.

Even in the highly unlikely event that they dropped tonight’s game, aside from Sixers diehards, no one would feel as though the Pistons were in serious danger of losing the series.

Atlanta @ Boston: Most people will tune in tonight just to see what kind of creative insults Celtics fans can come up with for Mike Bibby, and that should make for mildly riveting television.

Anything less than a double-digit victory for the Celtics in any of these games should be considered a failure.

Denver @ L.A. Lakers: In the immortal words of Dennis Green, both teams are who we thought they were!

The Lakers are a happy, sharing, and winning basketball family; the Nuggets are quite simply allergic to defense (Carmelo actually breaks out in hives if he adopts a defensive stance), and thus, are probably not long for this postseason. Something tells me that A.I. misses Philly these days …