Worthy of Your Attention

by Marcel Mutoni

The Boston Celtics, owners of the best record in the NBA this season, are a troublesome 0-4 on the road in the Playoffs so far.

Their frayed, inconsistent play away from Boston has led to them facing an inexplicable elimination game in the first round, and now, they suddenly find themselves in a tough series with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Most troubling for the C’s and their fans, is that there are no miracle cures for the road woes. The team seems to lack confidence and cohesion in hostile environments, and they don’t exactly have the best coach in the world to get them out of this funk.

LeBron James has yet to break out offensively in this series, and only a fool would think he won’t. Boston has played amazing defense, sure, but this is still LeBron, and as the series extends, no defense is going to shut him down completely.

Depending on what happens tonight, there’s a very real possibility that Boston could end up having to play two Game 7’s to start the Playoffs, and that’s before their pre-destined meeting with the battle-tested Detroit Pistons in the Conference Finals.