Worthy of Your Attention

by Marcel Mutoni

There are a number of intriguing matchups on tap for this weekend. From the Rockets/Magic tilt tonight, to the mammoth showdown in Detroit on Saturday night between the Celtics and Pistons, and of course, Allen Iverson’s facing his former team in Denver on Sunday night. Plus, there’s the madness of the NFL Playoffs kicking off tomorrow.

So, why am I not excited to watch any of the above? Simple, there’s something much more important being shown on the ol’ tee-vee: The fifth and final season of The Wire, television’s greatest show, kicks off on Sunday night. Giddy up!

The focus of this season is on the media (specifically, how the Baltimore Sun covers the drug game), and as a member of said media (on the fringe side of things according to some; but that’s neither here nor there), I’m excited to see what David Simon and company have in store for us.

Sadly, what was supposed to be a 13-episode season has been cut down to just 10, but it should still be great. There are so many questions that need be answered: Will Omar and Marlo shoot it out? Can McNulty lay off the sauce? What’s Michael’s fate? Will Avon play a large role?

To get you properly prepared for the season debut, I suggest you take a look at the numerous previews available on YouTube. Sunday night can’t get here soon enough.